WritingElites Review – Should You Trust Them?

WritingElites writing service

We always focus more on essay writing services that are either fraud or scam and less on the ones that advertise themselves as the best. This is the case with Writingelites.com, an essay writing service that provides high-quality plagiarism-free academic papers. Or so they say.

So, this time we will look at Writing Elites, the company that claims to deliver top-quality at an affordable price. We will be checking customer WritingElites reviews, prices, discounts and we’ll see if they are telling the truth.

The Services

To see if this company delivers a high-quality plagiarism free essay, we had to order a paper. We settled for a four-page essay about academic writing because we wanted to be a bit ironic. Upon finishing the order, we noticed that the price was anything but affordable.

It looks like they advertise a thing and you pay for something completely different. Not a good business model! Anyway, after a couple of days, we received the paper. It was full of plagiarized material. We scanned it with free and paid software just to be sure, but the results were almost identical.

It looks like the writer knows a thing or two about digging information from less known sources. Luckily, this order was to test their service, but if it were a student ordering a paper for the exam, he would’ve failed the exam or be expelled from the school or University.

The content and quality were decent if we were to congratulate the original author and not the hired writer.


When it comes to the customer reviews, we were all ears. Some of them pointed out that they had the same problem as us: pricey services, issues regarding plagiarized content and many others. The rating given by the customers is weak and reflects the quality of this company’s services.

Discounts and Prices

We were happy to find a promo code for new customers. Even the loyal ones can get coupon codes that they can use to cut on those pricey services. And let’s not forget that the company doesn’t show its real prices until you are on the last step of the ordering process.

Other Services and Customer Support

The company states that it has two methods of checking for plagiarized content, the first one being the high-end software and the second one using the manual method. Of course, the manual method will cost you more, but seeing what we received as the end product, we decided that both methods are useless.

Should You Trust Such a Company?

You would stay away from this company. Unless you don’t care what kind of grade you receive, yes, you can get away with this sort of business. But be warned, doing so at the University can land you in serious problems.

So, if you are a student, you are better off with an essay that is full of weak content than a plagiarized one.


WritingElites isn’t a company you should take into consideration. The company doesn’t own elite writers, just elite plagiarizers. Remember, check any customer review first and then order, not the other way around.

WritingElites review