Top 5 Worst Paper Writing Services

I’m a student, and if there’s something that unites students more than frat parties, it’s the solidarity we share whenever we are scammed by various writing services. They may not be aware of it, but by scamming students, they’re digging their own graves.

Here are 5 of these services myself and some of my friends have used and promised ourselves we will let the world know about them and their ways. This way, others will not fall prey to them.

Stay away from:

1. Writing Elites

What bothers me most about this service is how dishonest it can be in regards with the WritingElites prices. The list of prices on the website doesn’t really matter. In the end, you’ll still pay more than you should.

There are a few discounts but they don’t offer much help. They have a 15% discount for the first-time users and a 5% off as a loyalty discount. You’ll never use the loyalty discount because you’ll probably use this service once and that’s it, just like myself.

Moreover, there’s no promo code in sight, as well as no coupon codes.

2. Eduzaurus

We should’ve spun on our heels as quickly as we read the name of the company. The few customer Eduzaurus reviews that can be found online and almost all of them are negative. The prices are not realistic, considering that the promised quality is just that – promised, but not met.

I mean, the very content on the website itself is poorly written! And yes, italics are warranted here. You can pay up to $100 more on a paper than you’d pay another service, with cosmically better quality.

3. Australian Essays

Reviews of this “premium quality” (spare me) service are disastrous. But why? Don’t they have the “Low Possible Price”? What is that even supposed to mean? Now, for the price-tags: all AustralianEssays prices are in AUD. You can live in Congo; you’ll still pay Australian dollars.

And there are no discounts whatsoever. If you have any issues with the pricing and the paper you’ve ordered, don’t worry – no-one will answer the phone!

This is definitely not a fraud or scam, but it’s not far from either.

4. Kibin

No, this isn’t the name of an Airbender. It’s the name of an editing and proofreading company. The testimonials we’ve found outside of the website let us know that this service charges very high Kibin prices for a very faulty job.

We wanted to see if it’s true and well… It is. You can proofread your paper better than they ever will. If not, you can hire somebody from the kindergarten to do it as proficiently as Kibin.

5. EssayPro

Do you see the first image on the homepage? That’s actually a photo of me after I used this service and considered doing a swan-dive from the World Trade Center. First of all, this is damaging for the writers themselves, since they’re paid the same amount per page regardless of the type of paper.

Second of all, the EssayPro ratings from previous users is low. My review was the grammatical equivalent of the Mariana Trench, but I decided the company’s not worth my angst. Very poor quality, and that’s an overstatement right there.

Concluding Remarks

If you doubt your writing, editing, and proofreading skills, take a deep breath, listen to Shia LaBeouf screaming “Do it!” for a while and get down to it. You’ll do a better job than all these companies above.

And here’s the kicker: you won’t lose any money in the process. Make the right call and either write your own paper or look for a legitimate paper writing service.