Think Twice before Using Australian Essay

AustralianEssays writing service

Australian Essay is a site that writes essays on an academic level. It is a great thing to call on an essay writing company that specializes on one format instead of mixing various formats and making a disaster out of everything.

In this review, we will look at AustralianEssay and what they offer in terms of services. We will also see if their essays are worth your money.

The Services

If you are a student and need an essay or paper for your bachelor’s, master's or Ph.D. degree, this site could help you. The problem is that in order to see the list of AustralianEssay services, you would need to place an order. This may seem like nothing, but it is a trick used by many businesses to get personal info.

There is nothing out of the ordinary here. This writing company will provide you with research papers, theses, dissertation work, and essays. These services are meant for the Australian and UK audience.

The Reality Hits Hard

Judging by the customer rating and review, the feedback is all around negative. We had a hunch that this would be the case because the site was bombarded with broken English. Even so, we found the courage and placed an order to see for ourselves what the services are all about.

The end product was poorly structured, poorly formatted and the writing was disappointing.

The Price

No matter from where you are, this site will charge you using Australian dollars. It doesn’t take a scientist to include a currency converter on your site. This can only mean that this site was made in a rush, which makes us think that it is a cheap cash grab.

While the price is standard in comparison with other companies, it doesn’t even matter at this point. There is an option for coupon codes, but we didn’t receive one even when we requested. It is not a good sign. There are discounts advertised on the website, but there is no information regarding those.

Need Help?

If you have to contact a member of the staff, you better give up on this endeavor. No matter if you start a chat or make a phone call, the result is this: it is a phone number from Austin, Texas and it associated with scam writing sites.

What Is the Verdict?

The customer reviews and testimonials reflect exactly why this company should be avoided at all costs. The promo code option does not exist; the quality is low, you cannot contact any member of the service. In other words, this company is the definition of a fraud or scam, whichever sounds better for you.

Do yourself a favor and search for other businesses. You are better off using that money to buy coffee and fast-food and do the corrections yourself.


Stay away from You won’t get scammed, you won’t waste your time, and you won’t be frustrated with the whole situation. Do yourself a favor and check the customer feedback.

AustralianEssays review