Should You Trust Eduzaurus?

Eduzaurus writing service

Eduzaurus is an essay writing company. However, we have no idea for how long they have started their business. A staff member from EduZaurus told us that the company was launched a long time ago, but we doubt it, seeing that the first reviews are one-year-old.

Anyway, in this Eduzaurus review, we will present this essay writing service, with the good and the bad. We will end up with a conclusion in which we will give our final thoughts – should you work with this company or avoid it.

What Can This Company Offer You?

This essay writing company is recommended for students at any academic level. The service focuses on academic essays, reports, reviews, theses, dissertations, etc. so you have a lot to choose from. Everything sounds great, and it gets even better.

To have a paper done, you must place an order, and once you submitted it, you can select the available writers. The system works with bids, so you might have to pay more to hire a writer who completed a lot of orders. You will also get additional information regarding the author such as the customer feedback.

Customer Reviews

Sadly, the profiles didn’t offer too much information, so we had to dig a bit deeper. We checked some testimonials and the overall rating, and it wasn’t pretty. The first thing that all these reviews pointed out is the poor English composition found in the delivered essays.

The site looks as if it was done by an amateur, not only that, but it also looks as if it was written by someone who doesn’t know English very well.

What About the Price and the Discounts?

Here is where the situation goes from bad to grim. The prices are very high. For a couple of pages, you will pay way over two hundred bucks because of the bids system. Also, there is no such thing as a promo code on their site. And let’s be honest, even if you had such a code, it wouldn’t have helped too much considering the prices.

Interacting with the Staff

The site has a chat through which we could discuss with a staff member. The employee explained that the company has a full refund policy, but we didn’t manage to find that option on the site. This is not a good sign, especially if you pay top dollars and you are left with a sub-mediocre paper.

The Result

The lack of coupon codes, the high prices, and the poor quality essays are enough to make you stay away from this essay writing service. Sadly, there is also the fact that we didn’t find the full refund option on the site and the customer support is abysmal.

The company looked promising judging by the fact that it focused only on academic materials and had a list of writers ready to tackle this kind of writing.


We do not know if is a fraud or scam waiting to happen, but we won’t be throwing our money in its direction any time soon.

Eduzaurus review