Kibin Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Kibin writing service

I remember a while ago using an essay writing service, just like Kibin, for a project I had for my English class. The essay was decent, had some problems here and there, but for the money, it was worth it. I had to do some editing, but nothing too serious.

Now a friend of mine decided to place an order to Kibin, and I am curious as to how much the essay writing services have improved. In this review, we will discuss Kibin services, customer reviews, the prices and other important details.

About Kibin

My friend hasn’t ordered an essay as I expected but he did send his essay to be edited and proofread. So I decided to see how this company presents itself and what it has to offer. While we were waiting for the finished product to be sent back, I decided to browse through the company’s website.

According to Kibin, the process of proofreading and editing is thorough and detailed. So to me, that sounds like they have a team full of professional editors, which is nice. The service checks the fluency, the sentence structures, the coherency and many other factors.

The product is also delivered on time, and the editors provide helpful comments about the edits they’ve done, so the customers know what was edited and why. So far, I am impressed by this style of editing. Meanwhile, we received the finished product, and it was delivered on time.

So I decided to read some testimonials while my friend analyzed his essay. I don’t know why but the customer rating wasn’t that good. People were complaining about their works not having a thesis statement. Also, the editor’s comments were dull and not very informative and much more.

In other words, besides basic grammatical errors, there wasn’t much of an improvement. Some said that they could’ve done that using some online proofreading software without having to make an account, placing an order and losing money while doing so.

The Moment of Truth

Of course, not every customer will experience a positive result, so I decided to check with my friend. The reviews were right, the edits didn’t improve the essay, and we felt ripped off considering the 60-dollar tag. The sad part of this entire experience is the fact that there are no discounts or coupon codes for any customer.

So, he was stuck paying the full price. The customer support is also a nightmare because the only way you will communicate with the company is through email. Simply put, the rating we gave to this company was 3 out of ten. With that money, he could’ve gotten a way better service than this.


Seeing that there is no promo code for new customers, the editing service is awful; the customer service is abysmal. We could only say that is something that we won’t use in the future. It may not be a fraud or scam, but it doesn’t even matter at this point.

Kibin review