Action Bible Devotional Review

This is my very first review, but I’ve decided to do them once a week. So, here goes…

Product: The Action Bible Devotional by Jeremy V. Jones

What I Paid: $11

Where I Got Mine: Sam’s Club

What I like: My hubby and kids are big fans of comics, so getting my kids into this study is no problem. We are only a little into it, but so far the lessons at the end of the story seem to be adaptable to many different age levels. My 13 and 6 year old both are able to get something from the lessons. I’ve only known about the Action Bible itself for a short time, but I haven’t seen a kid (or adult) yet that hasn’t found the illustrations and format of the Bible very cool and engaging.

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That Difficult Age: 5 Things That Make Parenting A 6-11 Year Old Challenging

I think every parent or set of parents has an age rage that is more challenging than the others. For many, this is the teenage years. Some find it the toddler time frame. For my husband and I it appears to be from about 6 to 11.

So what is it about this age group that we find so challenging?

  1. Definite Opinions About What They Like.

Ok, so this isn’t new for this age, but it is much more intense than it was a year or two ago. Parental opinion on what we think is spectacular isn’t as relevant. Gone are the days of convincing your little angel that the super sweet dress you have had picked out for weeks is the one to wear to that special event. They may have had their own ideas about what they like in fashion, toys, and food before, but now those opinions are much stronger. Sometimes those opinions are based from the opinions of friends or older siblings, but sometimes they are totally and randomly their own. It’s hard for parent when their opinion suddenly isn’t the most important or doesn’t matter at all. It’s also hard to hand over the reins of control to someone so small.

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Mischief Maker… how to get sharpie off linoleum

The other day Atlantis walked into the bathroom and started yelling, “MOM, your not going to like this!”

Being that it was the bathroom, I had no idea what I was about to walk into. Since my gross tolerance level is significantly lowered with pregnancy, my first question was, “how bad is it?”

Atlantis, “You don’t want do go in there.”

So, prepared for the worst, I held my breath and rounded the corner to the bathroom. Permanent marker on the floor. Whew, at least I wasn’t going to throw up. Well, maybe not whew, I had never dealt with this particular issue before. So obviously… I googled. Several sights suggested several ‘fixes.’

My first attempt was hand sanitizer. Mainly because there was a bottle of it on the bathroom counter. Here is a shot of it globbed on over the err, artwork. Atlantis and I rubbed it in a bit. No luck. Let it set about 20 minutes. Not even a little fading after it was wiped off.

As I searched the house for other recommendations  Atlantis sprayed Off Deep Woods bug spray on it. I had the least hope for this method, but amazingly, it worked! Atlantis said it actually disappeared like magic as she sprayed. She even asked if she could scribble on the floor so she could show me. Anyway, a few sites suggested this worked by removing the protective coating that is on the linoleum and would only work on newer floors.

Ahh, crisis averted. The teacher part of me wants desperately to turn this into a science experiment. Ideas are brewing.

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The Flu

My plan this year was to begin our official Christmas break on Sunday. Unfortunately,  the flu bug has hit our family so we started a couple of days early. Today and tomorrow were mainly going to be filled with art, history, and a science experiment or two. Now it’s looking more like left over soup, tea with honey, and boxes of tissue.

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Curriculum for 2012

Just before we were about to order materials this year, our family took a big financial hit. So, I hate picking out curriculum. No, I HATE, HATE picking out curriculum. I get very intimidated by the price tag. If it’s low, I’m afraid it won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. If it’s expensive, what if it sucks? We have to pinch a lot of pennies around this household to get materials. I’ve actually had nightmares about picking out expensive, horrible curriculum. All that being said, we mainly focus on math and language arts/reading and let the rest fall into place. At any rate, this is what we are currently using.

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How We Roll, Err… Our Homeschool Style

My very first year of homeschooling I was given a small tidbit of advise from a veteran homeschooling momma,

“Focus on math and reading and the rest will fall into place.”

Ok, at the time, I thought she was a nut job and didn’t take the advice at all. I was new to this experience and wanted stone solid answers on curriculum, schedules, and running the home like a school. I had spent nearly a decade working in public schools or pre-schools and gosh darn it, I was good at it. At some point I realized that if I thought the way regular school is done was the right choice for my kids, shouldn’t I just send them there. So, what we do now is focus on math and reading and let the rest fall into place. If someone would have just told me… oh wait, they did.

We like to get in as many trips as possible. Hence the name of the blog. Days that we are out and about (generally one to three times a week) we also try to get in math, reading, and spelling. I try to be a stickler about getting these 3 in everyday, no matter what. If it’s a long trip to our destination the kids watch a documentary on the way. My theory on this is not to let book work get in the way of an educational opportunity. How much can you remember about your 2nd grade social studies book? What about the trips you took?

The day after a field trip we throw in a  journal about the outing. We get in most of the remaining subjects with projects. My kids always have something they want to know more about or an idea they want to execute.  If someone is under the weather, it’s documentary day.



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